Borneo Blog

   In 1968, my family — that is me, my two older sisters, my mom and my dad — moved across the world from Richmond, Virginia to the tiny town of Kapit, located on the banks of the Rajang river, right in the center of the island of Borneo, where my father worked as a surgeon at Christ Hospital. What follows is a photo record of our time there. A record of the people, places, of the jungle and river we loved. A celebration of the rainforest and of wild things, and for all the foreign places that are still left to us on the Earth.

   We begin in 1896, with scans from ‘The Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo’, by Henry Ling Roth, and from there, beginning on page 3, are my family’s photographs, which you should click on for the highest resolution. There are around 570 images in all, which equals 38 pages. Most of these places no longer exist, long plowed under to progress’ shovel. So here is our testament to the infinite wild Earth, and to all the strange places as yet left undiscovered.